Public Announcements

NIGP 30% savings

Nov. 20, 2020


Special “WIN-WIN” Incentive
for Chapters & Our Members
Don’t let budget cuts stop your professional development. Continue on your path towards growth, save big and help your chapter earn money!
Our partnership with NIGP and their support of our chapter is stronger than ever. To ease the financial impact of COVID, NIGP is offering a special “WIN-WIN” incentive for chapters and our members.
How it Works
It’s simple. You win by getting exclusive savings of 30% on select virtual offerings. NIGP has reduced prices on numerous virtual classes so you can keep learning and growing. See full list of offerings linked below.
Our chapter wins by getting a 10% rebate for every member who registers before December 31, 2020.
Be sure to use the code FORUS02 to get your savings. Let’s make this program a “WIN-WIN” for you and for your chapter.